Unit prices

Below are the current unit prices for TOWER Investment's superannuation funds. Unit prices are shown as at the date specified. The price shown will therefore not apply to a later transaction. Full details of unit pricing fees and other details relevant to your investment are set out in the relevant investment statement.
TOWER KiwiSaver SchemeUnit PriceDate

TOWER KiwiSaver Balanced Fund$3,626.216210-Feb-2014
TOWER KiwiSaver Cash Enhanced Fund$1.361410-Feb-2014
TOWER KiwiSaver Conservative Fund$1.406110-Feb-2014
TOWER KiwiSaver Equity Fund$2,999.719810-Feb-2014
TOWER KiwiSaver Growth Fund$1.236610-Feb-2014
TOWER KiwiSaver Preservation Fund$2,562.841410-Feb-2014
TOWER LifeSaver PlanUnit PriceDate

TOWER LifeSaver Balanced Fund$3,623.918510-Feb-2014
TOWER LifeSaver Conservative Fund$1.406710-Feb-2014
TOWER LifeSaver Equity Fund$3,001.423910-Feb-2014
TOWER LifeSaver Growth Fund$1.243910-Feb-2014
TOWER LifeSaver New Zealand Fixed Income Fund$3,160.654210-Feb-2014
TOWER LifeSaver Preservation Fund$2,563.287510-Feb-2014
TOWER LifeSaver Trans Tasman Equity Fund$4,597.902010-Feb-2014
Please note that not all funds are available to all LifeSaver company superannuation schemes. If you are unsure which fund(s) you are invested in or which funds are available in your LifeSaver company superannuation scheme please refer to the TOWER LifeSaver Plan supplement. Alternatively please check with your employer or contact us for this or any other query about the funds, unit prices or fund returns for your superannuation scheme.
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While care has been taken in producing and updating this unit price information, investors should check the current unit price with TOWER Investments before buying or selling units in any fund, or otherwise relying on unit price information.  Please note that the Unit Prices are updated daily at 4:30pm.

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