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Policy terms & conditions 

Important notes, conditions and your obligations

The correctness of all statements made in relation to this insurance or any claim under this insurance is essential before we have any liability under this insurance.

If any information is falsely given or a fraudulent claim is made in any way then any insurance arranged will be null and void and no claims will be payable.

1. Currency and taxes

  • All sums insured and limits are expressed in New Zealand currency and include Goods and Services Tax (GST) and all other taxes.

2. Jurisdiction

  • The New Zealand courts have exclusive jurisdiction over legal proceedings in relation to this insurance. The laws of New Zealand shall apply to this insurance

3. Other insurance

  • We will only pay over and above the cover provided by any other existing policy, private or reciprocal government medical scheme.

4. Australian Medicare

  • New Zealand Citizens travelling to Australia may be covered under the Australian Medicare scheme for the cost of medical treatment in Australia. If any illness or injury occurs in Australia, you must register with the Australia Medicare authorities as soon as possible.

5. USA Medical Claims

  • If you require medical treatment or hospitalisation in the USA, you must contact the Emergency Hotline immediately (collect) on 64-9-985 5000.
  • If you are a patient:
    You are automatically enrolled in the International SOS PPO Network programme in the USA. Before receiving services or incurring expenses, please contact the Emergency Hotline. The Emergency Hotline will direct you to the nearest preferred medical provider in your area.
  • If you are the provider:
    Our customer is enrolled in the International SOS PPO Network programme in the USA. Before rendering services or incurring expenses, please call the Emergency Hotline on the above listed number. Failure to call may result in delayed payment to you for your services.

6. You must:

  • Advise us of any change in your health that occurs before your departure. We are not obliged to insure this change in your health.
  • Allow us to take over for our own benefit and settle any legal right of recovery you may have and you must co-operate fully in any recovery action.
  • Comply with all our requests relating to your claim including providing all co-operation, information and assistance.
  • Consult immediately and follow the advice of a registered medical practitioner if you have suffered any injury or illness.
  • Immediately notify the carrier in writing of any loss or damage to your personal baggage, money and passports if the loss or damage occurred when under their custody or control.
  • Not cause or facilitate loss or damage or incur liability by any unreasonable, reckless or wilful act or omission.
  • Not discuss a claim made on you by another person with them. Instead, refer them to us.
  • Not incur any expense without our prior approval.
  • Not make a claim that is false or fraudulent in any way or make any false or incorrect statement in connection with any claim.
  • Provide us immediately with full particulars of any claim made against you by another person, all legal documents served on you and allow us to instruct a solicitor of our choice to conduct your defence. You must follow the recommendations of that solicitor as to the conduct or continuation of your defence. That solicitor shall be entitled to confer with us when necessary as to the details of the case and the conduct or continuation of your defence.
  • Provide reasonable evidence of ownership or loss to support any claim. This must, at our option include providing:
    receipts for items purchased on this trip.
    • receipts to support any claim for reimbursement of costs.
    • police notification for any loss, theft, burglary or malicious damage.
    • written confirmation from the carrier for the length and reason for any delay and that no alternative flight was available at that time
    • a death certificate and / or post mortem report.
  • Take reasonable care to protect your property from loss or damage, to minimise loss or damage and the likelihood of a claim and to assist with any recovery action.

7. Terrorism

  • The policy provides cover for an act of terrorism. The maximum cover for an act of terrorism is the limit shown in the Schedule of Benefits or $250,000 per person (which ever is less). The maximum payable under all sections of all policies underwritten by us, for any one act of terrorism shall be $5,000,000. This means that if claims are received in excess of this amount they will be proportionally adjusted in relation to all claims received by us.