Eligibility criteria

How to qualify for a SmartDriver saving

To be eligible for SmartDriver savings, you must have a private vehicle (excluding motorhomes) or private motorbike insured with one of the following comprehensive car insurance policy wordings:

Tower Insurance motor policies are subject to our usual underwriting criteria and policy terms and conditions.

To be eligible for SmartDriver savings, the person who has earned the score must be the main driver noted on the policy. Other drivers may use the app to get driving feedback and generate a score and/or savings. However, these savings will not be applied to the motor insurance policy.

In order to qualify for savings, you must meet these criteria:

  • Register your account in the SmartDriver app
  • To record your trips, you must press “Start” and “Stop” when the vehicle is stationary to record your trips
  • Record multiple trips with a combined driving distance of at least 150km
  • The distance of each trip must be more than 2km and less than 75km 
  • Each trip must reach a minimum speed of 40km per hour at some point
  • Trips must be recorded only when the registered holder of the SmartDriver account is driving 
  • Only record trips covered by your motor insurance policy (for example, do not record off-roading trips)
  • Earn a score that qualifies for SmartDriver savings
  • Apply your savings within 12 months of earning it:
    • To an existing eligible Tower motor insurance policy by calling 0800 847 018
    • To a new Tower motor insurance policy you take out by calling 0800 847 019
    • To a new Tower motor insurance policy you take out though our website by calling 0800 847 018 after you have completed the online sales process and we will add your savings to the policy.