Travel insurance for Fiji

You might not think a trip to the tropical beaches of Fiji would require travel insurance – but here are a few reasons it’s a good idea.

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Once your feet hit the deckchair and a cool tropical drink is in your hand, the warm sun and white sandy beaches of Fiji will quickly make the worries of home seem long forgotten. A break from winter in the sunshine and laid-back lifestyle of the islands is a great way to recharge weary batteries and enjoy some time out. 

Whether you’re barely venturing from your beach towel or if you’re out exploring the islands’ scenery, it’s hard to imagine that anything could go wrong in this idyllic setting. However even though you’ve clocked-out from the concerns and demands of real-world pressures for a while, unexpected events, mishaps and losses can still happen. Don’t let it ruin your relaxing break. By preparing with travel insurance for your holiday to Fiji, you can make sure that holiday feeling lasts for just a little longer. 

It’s a chance to switch off your computer and leave your work behind for a while but if you are travelling with high value items such as laptops, mobile phones etc, make sure these are covered by your travel insurance for Fiji. Many travel insurance policies contain sub-limits on the amount they will pay per item lost. Ensuring you have the right level of cover can help protect you from unexpected loss and theft. Always take care with cash, credit cards and ATM machines.

 No doubt you’ll want to enjoy all the adventure that Fiji offers. Medical and accident cover are important components of your travel insurance to Fiji and should cover provision of evacuation by air if medically necessary. In our changing world, unexpected events can quickly unfold. So in the event of disrupted travel or cancelled flights, your Fiji travel insurance can help you make it home safely. Keep up to date by checking the New Zealand Government Safe Travel website for any important security advice. If the government has prohibited or regulated travel to Fiji, this may affect you travel insurance cover. 

 Being covered with travel insurance to Fiji will help make sure you can truly sit back and relax on your next holiday.

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