FinTel FAQs

Fintel FAQs

What's changing?

FinTel customers wishing to buy new policies will no longer be able to buy FinTel products, they will be offered Tower products instead. FinTel is a brand which is part of Tower Insurance Limited. Recently Tower has developed new car, house and contents policies that have similar options to FinTel. We believe that our new Tower products simplify our product offering and gives you better value.

How will this affect me?

If you have a FinTel policy, this change will not affect you unless you want to buy a new policy. Existing FinTel customers who want a new policy or need to replace their policy will be offered a Tower product and we will discuss the option that best suits your needs. You can call us on 0800 847 015 to discuss your options.

What happens when my existing policy renews?

When your existing policy renews, you will remain on the same product unless you would like to check out our new Tower products. You can discuss this with us by calling 0800 847 015 or visiting the Tower website for an online quote at

Will I still be rewarded for my loyalty?
If you have more than one policy, whether they are FinTel or Tower, you are eligible for the same multi policy discount. Your no claims bonus is not affected by this change.  

What happens if I need to make a claim under my FinTel policy?
If you need to make a claim, please use the same FinTel number 0800 847 015 or email

Will there be any change to my documents or policy wording?
There will be no change to your documents or policy wording. If you need a copy of your certificate of insurance or policy wording please call us on 0800 847 015 or email and we will arrange for copies to be sent to you.