How to calculate the size of your home

Understanding the size of your home is important as it’s a key factor in ensuring you have adequate cover. 
Here are two ways you can find out the size of your home.

1. Look at your house plans

You'll find the square metres there. If you can’t find them on your plans, you may need to talk to an architect or builder - they'll know how to locate them. Be cautious with relying solely on the square metres shown in some valuation reports or property websites because these can sometimes be wrong or out of date. 

2. Measure your home using a tape measure

Do this by measuring the outside of the house. Make sure you include any additional levels and you will also need to include any attached garages. For insurance purposes, this is the house size in square metres. You may also have other features like decks or balconies; or detached outbuildings, garages or sheds. You don’t need to include these when measuring the house size, but instead allow for them as additional considerations when working out your sum insured value.  You may find asking a builder to measure your home is a useful way to get an accurate measurement.

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