Simple is in

THAT question is out

Is there anything else we should know?

That’s the big question insurers ask, which makes you worry what you didn’t tell them, and if we’ll pay your claim. But not anymore.

That question? It’s called the duty of disclosure. The catch-all question which means if you unintentionally leave something out, you could find yourself disappointed at claim time. We don’t think it’s fair, so we’ve removed it.

We call it “Trust Both Ways” because we trust you to be honest with us, and you can trust that we’ll pay your claim. It’s up to us to ask you the right questions to get the information we need, so that’s what we do. No more open-ended big question, that leaves you wondering what you didn’t tell us.

THAT question is out. Simple is in.

Lots of different forms is out

It's easy to buy all your insurance online with Tower. 

Using our Bundle Builder, you can now get all your car, house and contents insurance online, in one easy form. 

Plus, you can save up to 20% with our multi-policy discount and for a limited time you'll also save $50 on each policy when you buy online using promo code SAVE50. Ts&Cs apply.

Lots of different forms is out. Simple is in.

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Complicated is out

At Tower we’re on a mission to simplify insurance, so we’re making our policies easier to read and understand.

Our latest car, house and contents policies have the WriteMark Plain Language Standard - the mark for clear and open communication.

Complicated is out. Simple is in.

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Pick the cover that works for you, with optional roadside assistance and windscreen excess buyout.

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With three levels of cover to choose from, get the right insurance for your home.

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From laptops and jewellery to home office equipment, protect the things that matter to you.

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Tell us what you find complicated

We’re on a mission to simplify insurance. We’re making our policies easier to read but there may be complicated insurance language that we’ve missed. 

If you’ve come across something that you think we need to fix, let us know!

Help us out and tell us what you’re not sure about, or upload a document that you think should be simpler and we’ll get onto it.