Frequently asked questions

A few of our commonly asked questions about Cover4Travel insurance

You cannot buy the insurance after your departure from New Zealand.
If you choose to extend your journey you can request for an extension of your policy by calling us +64 9 985 5000. However, any extension to a policy which has commenced will comprise a new policy which will be re-underwritten and have a new premium payable. The terms and conditions of this new policy may vary from your earlier policy.
To buy online, you need to pay by credit card. For any other mode of payment please call 0800 379 372. You will be offered a different policy to purchase.
You can cancel and get a full refund as provided within the seven days Free Look period.
Yes. However your claim will be settled when you return to New Zealand except for overseas medical claims. At our option we may settle urgent claims while you are overseas.
As soon as practical and you must keep all purchase receipts to support your claim. For emergency claims, you need to contact us immediately. Note that all medical claims must be approved by us before any treatment is obtained.
No you will not be able to purchase the insurance online. You can call us on 0800 379 372 to discuss other possible arrangements.
Yes, you can as long as you and your family (if on a family plan) members that wish to be covered are New Zealand permanent residents.
Yes. An excess of $100 is applicable for each travel claim event.
Sporting activities not covered include mountaineering, rock climbing, parachuting, hang or tow gliding, microlite flying, sky diving, paragliding or parasailing, pot holing, bungy jumping, rodeo activities, hunting, competing or racing (other than on foot), white water activities or underwater activities involving the use of artificial breathing apparatus unless an internationally recognised diving qualification is held and professional sporting activity or training, or extreme versions of any sport. For details of exclusions clauses, please refer "General Exclusions" which is in your policy document.
Please ring us on 0800 379 372 to talk to one of our insurance consultants.