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Confirmation of Tower Insurance's position regarding the Limitation Act 2010

Tower is focused on settling our customers' claims as quickly as possible to allow them to move forward. We aim to treat our customers fairly and respectfully, and to settle claims as quickly as possible in an open and honest way. To date we have received claims covering 11,150 properties.

Tower continues to make good progress across all claim types with 98% of all claims settled and closed. 

Cash settlements give customers the ability to manage their own rebuild or repair, or to purchase a new home.

Our progress is summarised in the tables below. There are also a number of videos below of customer feedback and innovative techniques that we've used to help our customers.

Customer property status as at July 2018 for all claims

By properties Total properties in category % Settled*  % Settled or underway Total settled or underway  Work completed Cash settled**  In construction  Pre construction
Rebuilds 1,075 100% 100% 1,074 287 784 - 3
Major repairs1 1,533 90% 99% 1,512 455 927 2 128
Multi units2
347 90% 100% 347 191 120 9 27
Minor repairs3 6,441 100% 100% 6,441 934 5,504 - 3
Temp accommodation 1,754 100% 100% 1,747 n/a 1,747 n/a n/a
Subtotal - House Claims 11,150 98% 100% 11,121 1,867 9,082 11 161
Contents and Other 4,996 100% 100%  4,992 n/a 4,992 n/a n/a
Total - All Claim Types 16,146 99% 100% 16,113 1,867 14,074 11 161

* Settled claims are the sum of 'Work completed' and 'Cash settled.'
** Cash settled includes those claims cash settled or settled via the purchase of another house. 
1 Major repairs classified as repairs that are over the EQC cap. 
2 Multi units are multi unit dwellings that are Rebuilds or over EQC cap Repairs.
3 Minor repairs classified as under the EQC cap (hard landscaping or DFPP).
Note: work completed or cash settled are classified as ‘closed’ claims as all work and payments have been finalised.

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apply. The data on this page is correct as at July 2018.