November 14 Earthquake

Tower is closely monitoring the impacts of this morning’s earthquake in Canterbury and hopes people are safe and impacts are minimal to those in the region.

Stay safe

Please make sure you and your family are safe, this is most important. If there is an emergency situation please call 111. Aftershocks are expected, so be ready to stop, cover and hold at all times. If possible, items in danger of falling over should be secured.

Check your property

Assess your property for safety, if it seems unsafe, please leave as quickly as possible, or do not go back inside. Attend to any immediate concerns before checking water and gas pipes and turning off at the main valve if safe to do so. Please be careful with broken glass, spilled liquids and electrical hazards.

Photograph any damage

If you can, take photos of any damage to your house or contents as this will be useful if you need to lodge your claim later on.

Call us for assistance

We’re ready to help. Please call us on us on 0800 379 372 or email us at if you require emergency repairs to your home or business. If you need to make a claim please call us, and the EQC. While you will need to make your claim with EQC in the first instance, we will stay in touch with you throughout the process. EQC will pay the first $100,000 (plus GST) for house claims and first to $20,000 (plus GST for content claims. EQC can be contacted on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) or