RoadWise® roadside assistance

With RoadWise, roadside assistance from skilled technicians and mechanics is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Private for just $3.75 per month
  • Commercial for just $6.22 per month
Add RoadWise to your policy by calling 0800 379 372.*

Key benefits

  • Covers the vehicle, not the driver

    RoadWise applies to the insured vehicle, so it doesn't matter who's driving when the breakdown happens.

  • Free call outs

    Up to three free call outs a year with the option to add more if needed.

  • Nationwide service

    Nationwide service operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Towing to nearest repairer or place of safety

    If the technician is not able to get your vehicle going they will arrange for it to be towed to the nearest repairer or place of safety.

  • Emergency fuel delivery

    Delivery of emergency fuel if your vehicle has run out and you can't get to a petrol station.

  • Spare tyre change

    The team will fit your vehicle's spare tyre if you get a flat. If your spare isn't roadworthy, you can pay to get towed to the nearest service provider.

  • Flat battery service

    If you find your battery is flat the technician will jump-start your vehicle.

  • Connect your call

    You'll be connected to a family member, emergency contact or colleague so you can let them know you might be late.

This is only a summary. See our brochure for full details.

RoadWise brochure (PDF, 2.37MB)

Some terms

Vehicles must be less than: 

  • 3,500 kilograms in weight 
  • 5.5 metres in length.
See the brochure for full terms and conditions.

Need assistance?

RoadWise members can get help by calling 0800 24 24 02. Simply quote your vehicle registration number and a skilled operator will be able to assist.

These calls don't count toward your free call-outs.

* RoadWise may not be available for all car insurance policy types.