Tips for reducing stress this Christmas season

There’s always a lot going on at Christmas time, so we’ve put together some simple tips to help you to stop, take a second and think about how to reduce stress, and stay safe and relaxed this holiday season.
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Keep your Christmas tree green

When you’re setting up your tree, cut 3-5 cm off the base of the trunk before you put it in water, to help it absorb the liquid. Keep your tree green by topping up the water regularly, because the more dry your tree becomes, the more of a fire hazard it is. Another good reason not to leave it up too long after Christmas.

Avoid peak traffic times

Christmas can be a stressful time, and this can affect your driving style. Take a few deep breaths if you feel yourself tensing up, be courteous on the roads and if you can, avoid driving at peak times. If you’ve still got some shopping to do, why not take some time off work and get it done when shops will be a bit quieter?

Going away? Secure house, secure mind

The New Zealand Police have some great advice for increasing the security of your home while you’re away visiting family or chilling at the bach over the summer.

Got cover for those pressies?

If you’ve bought expensive gifts to hide away in the closet until the big day, it pays to check you have enough insurance to cover their value. In particular, if there’s some bling in your stocking, take a look at the policy limits that apply to jewellery. See our contents policy details.

Another great option for getting home after Christmas drinks

Most of us are smart enough to avoid driving when we’ve had a few drinks. But what if you get stuck somewhere and you’re not safe to drive, but need to get your car home? About the same price as a taxi, a ‘dial a driver’ comes to you and drives both you and your car home. Why not take a look now to see whether there’s a ‘dial a driver’ service near you, and save the number in your phone just in case.

Finally, enjoy the sun and have a great holiday season!

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