What to look for in roadside rescue

Roadside assistance can be really handy when you lock your keys in your car, or breakdown right when you need to be somwhwere. Find out what to look for in your roadside assistance provider.

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The times when the unexpected happens are the times when you need help the most. Roadside assistance can be a godsend if your car breaks down, gets stuck in mud, you lock your keys inside or you need a roadside assessment of your car.

If you are on the roads then you need roadside assistance that covers for a wide range of circumstances. Make sure you roadside rescue covers at least the basics like mechanical breakdowns and vehicle assessment. 

Many simple problems such as dead batteries or lock outs can be solved right then and there getting you back on track without hassle. Having roadside assistance in these circumstances can be the difference between being stranded and getting back on the road. 

Often minor mechanical problems can be fixed roadside too, so ensure your roadside assistance provider covers you for this. 

If your car is still running but you don’t know if it’s safe to drive, roadside assistance should provide an assessor who can look at your car and let you know the best course of action. Roadside assistance staff should be able to provide you with mechanics or repairers in the area if you need immediate help. 

You never know when you might need help so it’s important to have 24 / 7 help available to you. Most roadside assistance covers you anywhere you breakdown or get stuck, but you should check the fine print to ensure that you’re covered wherever you drive.

If your car can’t be fixed on the side of the road then it may need to be towed to a mechanic or repairer. Roadside assistance should cover the towing of your car to a recommended destination.

Extra support and advice are imperative to getting the problem resolved quickly. A good roadside assistance provider should help you to get where you need to go and give you advice on next steps for your car. 

Some roadside assistance providers have restrictions on how many free call outs you can make per year. Additional call outs may incur charges. Check how many calls you are allowed – on average a good number is three per insurance period. 

In the event of accident or theft, roadside assistance should provide you with advice on procedures related to the incident. Roadside assistance should help with any calls you need to make to family, friends or other parties to inform them of the breakdown. Help with seeking medical attention should also be provided if necessary.

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