Sum insured house insurance

Not all house insurance policies are the same.

You've told us sum insured was hard to understand and we've listened.
After natural disasters fire is one of the most common reasons for a home to be completely destroyed. So, we now include a full replacement for fire benefit on all of our house insurance policies.

House insurance in New Zealand has changed and we want to make sure you're ready.

Full replacement for fire gives you peace of mind that we will rebuild your home even if the cost is more than your sum insured. Excludes Present Day Value policies and fires following natural disasters. All other standard policy terms and conditions apply.

It is still important to get your sum insured right, as this limit still applies for all other types of claims unrelated to a fire.

It's your responsibility to specify the maximum cost for rebuilding your home in the event of a total loss. This is called your ‘sum insured’ and it’s important you understand how this works and avoid under-insuring. You’ll find lots of helpful information to get you started, so take the time now to learn more about how these changes affect you and what to do next.