What do I need to know?

Cordell Sum Sure calculator

This is an easy way to estimate your sum insured amount – just enter your address and check the property details listed. The calculator will do the work for you.

Calculate your sum insured

What do I need to do during the year? 

It’s easy to change the sum insured for your home at any time - just complete our online form, or call us.

Most people don’t need to do anything during the year, but you should review the sum insured if you’ve renovated your home or added an extension, like a deck or carport.

You can add the cost of your renovations to your sum insured once they’re complete.

What happens when my house insurance renews?

We’ll adjust the sum insured before we renew your policy each year. To do this we’ll either use the Cordell Sum Sure calculator, or we’ll use the building components of the Consumer Price Index.

The new sum insured amount will be included in your renewal documents, which will be sent to you a few weeks before your policy renews. You need to review the sum insured each year to make sure it’s still appropriate for your home. The Cordell Sum Sure calculator can help you with this.

If you need to make changes to your sum insured, complete our online form, or call us.

Tools to help

Calculate my sum insured

Different ways to work out your sum insured.

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Change sum insured

Use this form if you’d like to change your sum insured online.

Change sum insured

Full replacement for fire

One of the major causes of total house loss is fire

This benefit gives you peace of mind that we’ll rebuild your home even if it costs more than your sum insured.

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Present day value policies are an exception

Some houses will be insured for Present day value, rather than sum insured. You can check your certificate to see if this applies to your home. Generally these are pre-1950’s houses that haven’t been fully re-lined, re-wired or re-roofed.

If your home is insured for its Present day value, you’re covered for the market value of the house at the time of the loss or damage (excluding the value of the land), or the sum insured, whichever is less.