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You’ll need to provide us with your sum insured value when you start a house insurance policy with us and / or at your policy renewal, or at least get yourself comfortable with the default sum insured value that you're provided on renewal, to ensure it’s sufficient for your house.

If you’re unsure what your sum insured value should be, we suggest using the calculator as a guide or getting in touch with a valuation professional.

If you’ve got a question for us, first check out the FAQs provided or give us a call on 0800 379 372.


To have more confidence that the sum insured value is enough for your home, there are a number of professionals you can work with.

Registered Valuer

Registered Valuers are commonly used in the financial services industry, primarily to provide market valuations to banks. They're also trained to provide insurance valuations for rebuild purposes.

To get an insurance valuation for rebuild purposes, a Registered Valuer will visit your home for a professional fee, and create a valuation based on items such as the property’s size, section slope and materials used.

The Property Institute website provides more information on the process of determining an insurance value, and the assurance this will provide you in determining your sum insured.

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Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyors are engaged in the early stages of construction, and are used to estimate the full cost of a building project. They consider what needs to be done to get the section ready to be built on as well as the materials and the labour required to build the house. They can then go on to manage a project to its completion – making sure the final cost hasn’t varied too much from the initial estimate. This knowledge and experience allows them to provide rebuild cost estimates on any type of house.

A Quantity Surveyor can be engaged to provide you with an insurance valuation for your property. They will visit your home and later provide you with a reinstatement valuation based on their knowledge of market rates and costs as they apply to your home.

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Licensed Builder

You can also approach a licensed builder to ask if they can provide an insurance valuation for rebuild purposes.

Calculate your sum insured

The Cordell calculator uses general building information to estimate your sum insured, based on the information you provide.

Change your sum insured

If you want to change your sum insured you can complete our online form.

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19 January 2017
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