Policies & company documentation

Diversity Policy

Tower's Diversity Policy has been designed to ensure that diversity is encouraged, respected, and embraced in our day-to-day business practices. Our people bring different experiences, backgrounds and skills to our business. Tower believes that by valuing diversity, this will help drive our performance culture, brand and shareholder returns. The overall goal is an inclusive, flexible workplace with people motivated to do their very best for our customers and for each other. Nurturing an environment that values and promotes diversity will help improve the quality of our decision making, productivity and collaboration.

The Board is responsible for overseeing the Diversity Policy, with delegation to the Remuneration and Appointment Committee to review and report annually on the status of diversity within Tower and policy effectiveness. The Board considers that Tower has addressed the requirements of its Diversity Policy. Tower's diversity programme and policy is currently undergoing review and will be finalised when NZX finalises its amended Corporate Governance Code in 2017. 

Insider trading

Legal restrictions and Tower's Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Policy do not allow trading and dealing in Tower securities while directors and employees are in possession of information that has not been released to the public and that is likely to have a material effect on the price of Tower securities.

There are supplementary guidelines for directors and designated employees (usually senior executives) requiring prior consent to trade, and specifying periods when trading is allowed (following half year and full year announcements).