Lifestyle block and farm insurance

Protect your lifestyle block, farm assets, contents, farm vehicles, and even your income with our Rural tailored protection.

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Key benefits

  • Full replacement for fire

    We’ll rebuild your house following a fire even if the cost is more than your sum insured. Excludes fires following natural disasters.

  • Liability protection cover

    Protection against claims for compensatory damages that may arise from injury or accidents in connection with your farm.

  • Loss of income cover

    Get a sense of security in the event your farm is hit by an unforeseen scenario, such as a dairy shed flooding or a woolshed burning down.

  • Farm vehicle cover

    Includes cover for plant and implements towed by farm vehicles.

  • Farm buildings and assets cover

    Provides cover for sudden and accidental physical loss or sudden and accidental physical damage, during the period of insurance unless excluded by this policy.

  • Plant and machinery breakdown

    Cover for your fixed farm plant and machinery due to mechanical or electrical breakdown. The loss or damage needs to be sudden and accidental, and our repair includes replacing insulation oil and refrigerant gas.

This is a summary only. See the policy for the full list of benefits, terms and conditions. text in field

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