Tower Insurance SmartDriver app

SmartDriver is a free smartphone app that rewards safe driving.

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By using the app, and proving you're a safe and careful driver, you could save up to 20% on your car insurance premium with Tower. The higher your SmartDriver score, the more you can save.

Download the SmartDriver app and get started today

SmartDriver is available right now from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Download the free app today and start driving smarter. Terms and conditions apply.

SmartDriver can also help you improve your driving by giving you tips along the way.

Apple App Store download button Google Play download button

Now you'll get your driver score faster than ever!

You now only need to complete 150km to find out how your driving rates. That means you could earn a SmartDriver discount with Tower faster than ever before.

Plus, you can now compete against your friends with our new challenges. Select someone to compete against from your contacts or Facebook friends. Choose your challenge, and once they’ve accepted, the competition is on. Who will win bragging rights?

Choose from three challenges:

  • Daily duel
    24 hours to see who the safer driver is.

  • Weekly challenge
    Seven days of driving, where you have multiple trips to claim safer driver status.

  • Long haul
    You’ll have 20 days to prove once and for all who the safer driver is.

How it works

The New Zealand first SmartDriver app collects basic driving information through the numerous sensors within your smartphone, including the accelerometer and the GPS. Information collected – which includes distance, location, braking and acceleration – is then used to determine your driving behaviour.

Once you’ve completed 150 kilometres (over at least three trips of more than 2km and less than 75km each) you’ll receive a SmartDriver score between 0 and 10 (10 being the highest). The app will also show you how you compare to other drivers using the app. Depending on your SmartDriver score you could earn a saving on your premium.

It’s sort of like a back-seat driver that you actually want to hear from. Plus, you can compete with friends and family and unlock heaps of achievements along the way.

New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards winner 2014

Innovation of the Year

We're proud to announce - SmartDriver was the winner of Innovation of the Year at the 2014 New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards.