Travel insurance claims

Making a travel insurance claim is simple. There are several ways to do this.

Submit your travel insurance claim online

Complete online

Mount Agung volcano: Indonesia

The Mount Agung volcano on Bali, Indonesia has erupted sending ash clouds into the atmosphere. Please read our travel advisory PDF for more information, or contact us on 0800 800 477 if you have any further questions.

Download PDF

Call us from within New Zealand or from overseas

From within New Zealand:

Call us on 0800 800 477.

From overseas:

Phone collect through an International Operator on +64 9 985 5000.

Our overseas service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Text notifications

We also offer a claims text update service for customers that wish to receive short text updates about their claim. To receive text updates, simply contact our claims team on 0800 379 372. Claims text updates may include the following information:

  • Details of your claims handler
  • If your excess is waived
  • If / when your claim is accepted
  • When final payment has been made

Travel claim form

Use this form if you need to make a travel claim. You can also start your claim online.

Download form

Send it back to us

Once you have completed the PDF form, you can return it to us via:


Post: TOWER Insurance, PO Box 90347, Auckland 1142, New Zealand

Once we receive advice of your claim, we:

  • May appoint an assessor, investigator or our medical adviser to look after your claim
  • May ask you to complete a claim form
  • Will acknowledge that we have received your claim and may ask you for further information or assistance to enable us to consider your claim
  • Will arrange at our option for the repair or replacement or pay for the loss, once your claim has been accepted.

Your claim will be settled when you return to New Zealand except for overseas medical claims. At our option we may settle urgent claims while you are overseas.

Claims should be lodged as soon as practical and you must keep all purchase receipts to support your claim. For emergency claims, you need to contact us immediately. Note that all medical claims must be approved by us before any treatment is obtained.