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FinTel no longer offers new policies

As of 5 June 2018, we no longer sell new FinTel policies. If you’d like a quote for a new Tower policy, you can do this online directly at the link below, or by calling 0800 379 372.

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Why we're changing

FinTel is a brand of Tower Insurance, and Tower has always been the underwriter behind the scenes.

After many years of offering Kiwis simple and affordable insurance through the FinTel brand, we’ve decided to focus on serving our customers directly through Tower.

We believe our latest simplified selection of Tower products offer the best range of cover for all customers while continuing to offer great value.

Existing FinTel customer?

If you currently have a FinTel policy with us, we’ll move you over to a Tower product on your 2020 renewal. Your renewal pack will show you exactly what has changed in your cover, as well as how you can now manage your cover online with My Tower.

Want to discuss your FinTel or Tower Policy?

Call us on 0800 379 372 or chat to us.

FinTel package discount refund

The date for FinTel customers to confirm their refund eligibility has now passed.

Learn more about the package discount refund in our news section.