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Bound of Use

By accessing the Tower Insurance website, www.tower.co.nz, (“the website” or “Tower’s website”) you agree that the following terms and conditions apply to your use of the website.

Tower may change or update the content of the website, including these terms and conditions applicable to the website, at any time without prior notice. In these terms and conditions, all references to ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘Tower’ are references to Tower Limited. These terms and conditions are in addition to, and do not replace, any specific terms and conditions applicable to any Tower product, service, marketing and/or promotion.

Use of Tower's Website

You are granted a non-exclusive license to access the website and the information it contains. By accessing the website you agree not to use the website for any commercial or competitive advantage; any illegal, defamatory or objectionable purpose; or any purpose which brings or could bring Tower’s reputation into disrepute.

You also agree not to decompile, reverse engineer or try to decompile or reverse engineer any part of the website, including the secure sites. Anyone found breaching the user rights will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

General Disclaimer

Although all reasonable care has been taken in producing the information contained on the website, it is of a general nature only, and does not take into account any individual’s particular circumstances, financial, medical or otherwise. While we try to ensure that the content of the website is up to date and free from error, we do not give any guarantee or other assurance of the currency of any information on the website or its accuracy, adequacy, completeness or suitability for your intended use. The website is not intended to provide a substitute for comprehensive or specific professional advice. You should not act in reliance upon any information contained on the website without first obtaining professional, independent advice relevant to your individual circumstances. By accessing the website, you confirm you have taken such advice or decided against it. 

Accuracy of Information

Where Tower's share price is shown on the website, investors and advisers are reminded that information regarding Tower's share price may be delayed, or inaccurate, and that investors wishing to trade shares in Tower should do so on the basis of information provided by the NZX or ASX.

Information provided on the website is provided in good faith and is derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. However, certain information may be selective, and Tower advises that it may not be complete for the purposes of any individual or company.


To the fullest extent legally possible, neither Tower Limited nor any of its related companies, or their directors, employees, agents, independent contractors, nor any other person, accepts any liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (including but not limited to financial loss, loss of revenue, loss of profits or savings, indirect or consequential losses) arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, that may result from any error, omission or misrepresentation on the website or reliance on information contained on the website or from any use of or access to the website, nor do they guarantee the performance of any fund or other investment contained or referred to on the website.

Tower makes no representation or warranty about the accuracy or completeness of information and accepts no liability or responsibility in respect of errors in or omissions from information contained on the website, to the extent permitted by law.

To the fullest extent legally possible, we exclude every warranty and condition of any kind that might otherwise apply in relation to the website, its content and functions.


In providing a quote, Tower may access a third party data service to help facilitate the quotation and purchase process. Tower makes no representation or warranty as to the quality of any of those services or their suitability to your circumstances. It is your responsibility to validate any data that is populated on your behalf.

This website uses Auto Information Ltd (Red Book) data for vehicle values. Red Book has prepared this data and valuations from information gathered from a variety of sources. You acknowledge that whilst all care is taken in producing the data and valuations, Red Book cannot guarantee or make any representations regarding the use of, or reliance, on it. Red Book is not responsible for all the information provided via the website and you should not rely on the data or valuations without making your own independent assessment of the vehicle and other sources of information. Neither we nor Red Book are liable for any loss or damages (other than in respect of any liability which may not lawfully be excluded) relating to your use of, or reliance on, this valuation and data.

From time to time the website may contain links to other websites. These links are provided for convenience only, and do not represent any endorsement by Tower of the products or services offered by the site owner. Tower makes no representations and accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to the contents of any website linked to this website that is not under the direct control of Tower.

Changes to Content

You may not do anything or permit anything to be done which may alter the website, or interfere with or affect its operation. This includes, without limitation, removing any information from the website, adding any information to the website, linking it to or from another website, distributing any part of the website to any other person or copying any part of it for any commercial or illegal purpose. Any website providers wishing to link to this site may formally request to do so by emailing us at action@tower.co.nz

Viruses and Cookies

Although all reasonable care has been taken to prevent the introduction of viruses and other destructive materials on the website, Tower does not guarantee that the website is free from such destructive features. Tower accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to any harm attributable to such destructive features. If you rely on any materials available through the website, you do so at your own risk. 

Tower uses 'first party' and 'third party' (including, but not limited to, Google Analytics) cookies on its website. First party and third party cookies help Tower understand how you engage with our website and enhance your experience while visiting our website. Cookies are small data files that a website host computer sends to a website user's computer to help it remember information you enter, by passing a unique ID between your computer and the Tower website that identifies you. The practice of holding sensitive data in cookies is avoided. 

You can choose to delete or change the settings of your cookies from your internet browser. You can disable Google Analytics on this website by installing the following browser plug in: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. You can also access your Google Analytics data and / or delete it by visiting My Activity.

Site Access

Tower does not guarantee the continued availability of the website or the continuation of services provided on it. Access to the website and to any saved information may be interrupted, restricted, delayed or unavailable from time to time. Tower accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss suffered in these circumstances.


The information, images, screens, web pages, logos and brands on the website and the general content of the website are the property of Tower, who holds copyright in it. The information may not be copied or reused (other than as expressly intended by this website) without the prior written consent of Tower. In particular, in no circumstances should the Tower brand or the Tower logo be used without the written consent of Tower.

Privacy Policy

At Tower we are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy sets out how we collect, hold and use your personal information.

Please review this policy regularly as it may be updated from time to time.

This policy was last updated 26 November 2019.

Collection and use of personal information

The personal information we collect may include your contact details, identifying information, details of your cover and your insurance history. If you don’t provide us with your personal information we may not be able to provide you with cover or process your claim.

We may also monitor and record your communications (such as calls, webchats, emails and letters) with us for validation, quality assurance and training purposes.

You consent to us and the other parties referred to in the section titled “Disclosure of personal information” below collecting, holding and using your personal information for insurance related and marketing purposes. This may include:

  • providing products and services and managing our business;
  • determining whether we can provide cover and on what terms;
  • keeping you up to date with details of your cover and the full range of services we offer;
  • informing you about any product changes;
  • improving our services and products and customer experience;
  • contacting you following the lapse or cancellation of your policy, or where a quote or application is not proceeded with;
  • training our employees, agents and representatives;
  • handling complaints and processing any claims you may make;
  • running marketing and advertising campaigns including by sharing and receiving information from Google and Facebook to help us identify and send or show you information, offers and ads that may be of interest to you; and
  • conducting market and customer research and statistical analysis.

Where you provide us with personal information about any other person, you confirm that you have the authorisation of that person to give such information and to authorise the use, storage and disclosure of that information in accordance with this privacy policy.

If you do not wish to receive marketing information from us, you can let us know by emailing marketing@tower.co.nz.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal information may be disclosed to or obtained from other parties such as:

  • our suppliers and service providers;
  • our advisers, brokers, distributors and agents;
  • medical and health service providers;
  • parties who we have business arrangements with and our referral partners;
  • reinsurers, financiers, other insurance companies and the insurance industry (including the Insurance Claims Register);
  • loss adjusters and assessors;
  • investigators and recovery agents;
  • companies that are affiliated with us;
  • government and law enforcement agencies; and
  • any other parties as required by law, who have an interest in your insurance, or we consider appropriate to evaluate and administer any insurance and/or claims.
Storage and security of personal information

The information you provide will be stored physically or electronically (including via cloud storage) by us (or the other parties referred to in the section titled “Disclosure of personal information” above) in New Zealand or elsewhere. We will also take reasonable steps to ensure that any personal information that we hold is stored securely.

Contacting us and access to your personal information

You have the right to request access to, and correction of, the personal information we hold about you.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this privacy policy or would like to make a privacy information request, please contact our privacy officer via:

  • Email: Privacy@tower.co.nz;
  • Phone: 0800 808 808; or
  • Post: Tower Limited, PO Box 90347, Auckland 1142.

New Zealand Law

With the exception of parts of the website, unless otherwise stated, the content of the website has been prepared in accordance with New Zealand law for the supply of products and services to persons resident in New Zealand only. Any offer of securities on the website is only an offer to persons resident in New Zealand and is not available for subscription by any person not resident in New Zealand. Unless otherwise stated, references to any currency are to New Zealand dollars.

As Tower Limited is dual listed on the ASX and the NZX, some of the information provided on the website is designed for both New Zealand and Australian residents. References to currency will be shown as New Zealand or Australian dollars, as appropriate. Information may not be applicable to you if you are not an Australian or New Zealand resident.

The content of the website, and these terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with New Zealand law and New Zealand Courts have jurisdiction.

Comments and Complaints

If you would like to make any comments or complaints about the website or any of the information or services available on the website, please contact us. We will try to resolve any complaint as soon as possible. 


In designing the website, Tower has incorporated security procedures and practices that we consider are consistent with New Zealand industry practice. We review our security procedures from time to time and update these when relevant. Pages on the website that require the mandatory entry of personal information and/or user name and password are protected by 256-bit encryption. The username, password and personal data are encrypted when transiting over the internet which prevents tampering with these details. 

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