Renters' insurance

Whether you're flatting with friends or renting your own place, our contents cover protects the things that matter to you. Save $50 online, use promo code SAVE50.*

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Key benefits

  • Replace or repair

    From your mobile phone and laptop, to your furniture and bicycle (or eBike), we'll replace or repair your things no matter how old they are.

  • Tenant liability cover

    We know accidents happen, that's why we'll cover you for loss caused by fire, explosion or water damage you cause to the property you're renting.

  • Moving cover

    When moving from one flat or house to another, your contents are covered for fire, collision or overturning of the vehicle while in transit. Just remember to let us know that you've moved rental property.

  • Accidental damage cover anywhere in NZ

    Going on a road trip? Visiting friends or family? No problem - we'll pay for loss or damage to your things anywhere in New Zealand.

This is a summary only and the amount of cover depends on the policy you choose.

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What it doesn't cover

  • Other people’s property

    If you live with flatmates we'll only cover your things, for example.

  • Valuables outside of New Zealand

    If you move your valuables to another country or try to insure items in a home you have overseas.

  • General wear and tear

    Ageing and normal wear to your valuables. This could include a rug that’s worn through, or an old TV that’s just stopped working.

Quote checklist

Here are some things you'll need to know to complete your quote:

  • The value of your contents. It's common to underestimate the value of what you have.
  • Details of any big ticket items like jewellery, works of art or collections. High value items need to be listed individually if they're worth more than the policy limits.

How much are your contents worth?

Knowing how much to insure your contents for can be tough and it's easy to underestimate. Learn about getting this value right and try our easy contents calculator.

Calculating your contents value