How often should your car be serviced?

How often should your car be serviced, and what do you need to look for?
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There are numerous factors that should be considered when it comes to how often your car needs servicing.

The general rule for most vehicle types is once per year, but if you’re an especially frequent driver, your car could benefit from a more regular service.

The age of your car and type of fuel will influence the servicing time period. The older your car is the more often it will need servicing. Newer models under four years old often have a servicing period of 12 months.

There are various elements of your car that need checking, servicing and replacing at various points in the car’s life and in the maintenance cycle.

Engine oil and the oil filter need to be changed at every service. Brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant should also be checked at each service and replaced if required.

You should have your air conditioning checked every two years.

For automatic cars, the recommended service period is 12 months or 20,000 km. The transmission should also be serviced every time.

Items like tyres and other safety aspects of the car will be checked at warrant of fitness time and there is a lot you can do at home to make sure your car is in good condition to keep performing effectively:

  • Regularly check the oil and water in your car
  • Ensure the tyre tread is sufficient and the tyres are properly inflated
  • Never drive on bald or flat tyres.

If you start to notice a problem with your car, get it checked out straight away. You will do more damage driving around with something wrong and ultimately it will cost you more and be a greater risk to your safety.

Find a provider you trust for your servicing needs that will give you good advice on how to get the best out of your vehicle. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to get a better picture of what your car needs.

Regular servicing and check-ups will help ensure your car holds its value better and lasts longer.

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