Business assets insurance

Also known as material damage, this policy covers the physical assets of your business. This includes buildings you own, your fit out, equipment, stock, tools and materials. 

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Key benefits

  • Seasonal stock increase

    Stress-free cover that automatically increases the sum insured by 20% during November, December and January for any insured stock you have.

  • Portable electronic equipment

    Up to $5,000 per item and up to $10,000 in total cover per event for any laptop or cellphone under two years old no matter where in the world they may be. Items over two years old are covered for present day value.

  • Money cover

    Ease your business' financial worries with cover that protects you and your business from money loss, damage or theft. Limits apply.

  • Theft/burglary cover

    Up to $20,000 cover for your business for theft of your insured property (not including shoplifting).

  • Stolen keys cover

    If your business needs to alter or replace any locks or keys because they were stolen or illegally duplicated, we’ll cover you.

  • Equipment breakdown

    Your business is covered for loss caused by or as a result of an accident to your business equipment.

This is a summary only. See the policy for the full list of benefits, terms and conditions.

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