Business interruption insurance

Cover for lost profits, the increased cost of working, claim preparation costs and rent while your premises are out of action due to a loss which is insured under your Business assets cover. 

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Key benefits

  • Closure of transport routes, ports or airports

    Cover if your business is interrupted or interfered with as a consequence of insured damage resulting in closure, or closure by an authority due to fear of any insured damage at any transport route, port or airport anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Customers/suppliers premises

    Your business is covered for loss resulting from interruption or interference due to insured damage to any premises anywhere in New Zealand that supplies goods to you.

  • Prevention of access cover

    Your business is covered for loss if access is hindered or prevented to your premises by insured damage within a one-kilometre radius of your property.

  • Public and private utilities cover

    Your business has cover for loss resulting from insured damage to public or private gas, water or electric utilities (except for the Maui platform or associated offshore pipelines).

This is a summary only. See the policy for the full list of benefits, terms and conditions.

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