Response to Brendan Malone media statement

07 Nov 2013 

TOWER has rejected claims made by Mr Brendan Malone in a press release issued yesterday.

TOWER Manager of Earthquake Recovery David Ashe says that court action will always be a measure of last resort for the company.

“We have settled more than 70 percent of Christchurch earthquake claims, well above the industry average.  And, we will continue to settle all fair and reasonable claims in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some of the remaining claims are increasingly complex and are therefore unable to be settled as quickly as our customers – and TOWER – would like.

“Court action is a costly and lengthy process for both parties and we believe that it should only be a measure of last resort. To this end we support and participate in mediation services that are free and available to all people who have not yet filed legal proceedings.

“However, we also need to be fair and treat our customers even-handedly. Therefore all claims are treated consistently on their merits and we will defend actions where principles of fairness are at stake,” he said.

While not wishing to comment on the specifics of the case as it is before the court, Mr Ashe said that there were discrepancies between Mr Malone’s public statements and his legal statement of claim.

“While we respect Mr Malone’s decision to take court action, we do dispute his public version of events.  Another assessment of the property is currently being undertaken and we hope agreement can be reached.  However, should that not be possible we believe the case should be judged on its merits, in the appropriate forum, and not through the media,” Mr Ashe said.