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Our highest level of cover. Great for those with high value homes or those who want the confidence of more benefits and higher limits.
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Key benefits

  • Demand surge

    If a natural disaster, flood or storm increases the cost of labour and materials, we may increase the sum insured to cover the costs of rebuilding your home by up to 15%.

  • Temporary accommodation

    Up to $30,000 for temporary accommodation expenses. It means you'll have somewhere to live if you have to move out of your home because it's uninhabitable as a result of a claim we've accepted.

  • Carpets extended replacement

    If your carpet is damaged, we’ll pay for their replacement. Plus, if you’ve got matching carpet in every room and we can’t find a suitable match, we’ll replace the lot.

  • Full replacement for fire

    We’ll rebuild your house following a fire even if the cost is more than your sum insured. Excludes fires following natural disasters.

  • One event, one excess

    If one event means you need to claim on multiple Tower car, home and contents policies, you’ll only need to pay one excess. It’s the highest excess that will apply.

  • Glass excess buyout

    You'll only pay a $50 excess when you claim for broken windows around your property.

This is a summary only. See the policy for the full list of benefits, terms and conditions

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What it doesn't cover

  • General wear and tear

    Damage to your home made through daily life, ageing and normal wear. However, we do cover you for gradual damage caused by water leaking from a concealed water pipe, tank or hose up to $3,000.

  • Deliberate damage

    Damage to your house by you, your family or by those invited on to your property.

  • Pet damage

    Your pet wreaking havoc on your house and furnishings.

Quote checklist

Here are some things you’ll need to complete your quote:

  • How much it would cost to totally rebuild your house - otherwise known as the 'sum insured'.
    Learn more about sum insured
  • Details of the property, including the year it was built, the materials it's made of, and the total floor area.
  • If there is a self-contained unit on the property, such as a granny flat, you'll need a separate policy for each unit
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